Sunday, 7 September 2008

Why VoIP?

The number one reason to switch to VoIP technology for telephone service is cost reduction. From that base, VoIP is able to provide some compelling features which makes switching even more attractive.

Eliminating Phone Lines

With VoIP service, you can cancel your traditional phone service through your local telephone company and place all of your telephone calls over your broadband Interner connection.

For a residential customer, this will save around $40 a month. For business customers, the savings can be thousands of dollars a month.

Eliminating Long Distance Charges

VoIP technology can also save money on long-distance charges. Most residential and business telephone customers pay per-minute fees for long-disatance telephone calls. VoIP can reduce or eliminate those long-distance fees.

This saving is especially valuable with International calls, where per-minute charges for traditional telephone calls can be very expensive.

Number Portability

With VoIP service, you can take your phone number anywhere you go, easily. If you have a Chicago number and you move to New York, you can keep your Chicago number. This is very convenient for friends and family to keep in contact with you wherever you go.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

VoIP service providers are designing and implementing new features which implement Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

For example, VoIP customers may be able to receive their voice messages in e-mail as .WAV file attachments. This can make managing voice mail messages much easier and more powerful, because it enables recipients to archive voicemails or forward them to anyone with an email address.

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